Gregory Fox


Gregory H. Fox is Professor of Law and Director of the Program for International Legal Studies, Wayne State University Law School.

Recently Published

Security Council Resolutions as Evidence of Customary International Law

In 2012 the International Law Commission began to address one of the last major uncodified areas of public international law: how norms of customary law (CIL) are to be identified.  The exercise at the ILC has not been an easy one.  States commenting in 2016 on the Commission’s “draft conclusions” expressed concerns on a variety…

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A Comment on Russell Buchan’s “International Law and the Construction of the Liberal Peace”

Few would deny the momentous changes underlying Russell Buchan’s thesis about an emerging “international community.” After the end of the Cold War, international law came to accept ideas of governmental legitimacy glaringly at odds with the regime-agnosticism of earlier eras. New and newly robust norms came to address both how national leaders are chosen (the legitimacy of governments…

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