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Attacking women’s rights and UN human rights mechanisms under the guise of principle

Grégor Puppinck’s response to critiques of the ECLJ’s report on financing for the UN human rights Special Procedures’ system is a masterclass in evasion. He entirely ignores Martin Scheinin’s analysis that shows the dishonesty and manipulation involved in the preparation of his report. His claim that my work as UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights was “paid by the OSF” is utterly unsubstantiated and based on an ignorance of the facts. And his refusal to engage with the damning allegations relating to the genuinely scandalous source of his own funding compounds the bad faith. Dr Puppinck’s approach reflects a common human predeliction: he is pre-occupied and outraged by the actions of others that most closely reflect a practice of his own. Thus, having engaged in large-scale ad hominem attacks on individual Special Rapporteurs who are essentially depicted as puppets of OSF, or Ford, and on ECHR judges whom he refers to as Soros judges, and refusing to answer any of the…

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The ‘scandal’ of foundation support for UN human rights Special Procedures, a response

Editors’ Note: Upon the publication of this post, Prof. Fionnuala Ni Aolain contacted the Editors of EJIL: Talk! and advised us that, contrary to the claims made in the post, the Board of the OSI Women’s Rights Program had no financial involvement whatsoever in the award of a grant to the Center for Women’s Global Leadership. Such…

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The Endless War Against Human Rights in Afghanistan: Human Rights Defenders’ Joint Statement of Solidarity with the People of Afghanistan

Today, the 31st of August 2021, marks the official deadline for withdrawal of United States troops from Afghanistan after twenty years of military presence initially motivated by the 9/11 attacks of Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden.  Many have written (including Henry Kissinger) about the failures of American foreign policy and its efforts at nation-building…

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A dishonest attack on UN human rights mechanisms

On 1 May 2021, I received an email from Dr Grégor Puppinck of the European Centre for Law and Justice, requesting to interview me as former Special Rapporteur of the UN Human Rights Council. The purpose of the resulting report by the ECLJ was presented in a way that would appeal to many a Special Raporteur:…

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The ‘scandal’ of foundation support for UN human rights Special Procedures

In July 2021 the European Centre for Law and Justice published a report entitled The Financing of UN Experts in the Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council. It is based on anonymous interviews and anonymous quotations, said to reflect interviews with 28 past or present Special Procedures mandate-holders. It purports to expose the links…

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