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Announcements: Challenges for Women in the International Justice System; Migrant Children Rights Summer School; Law of the Sea Symposium; Climate Change School; I-HILT E-Lecture; ICON-S Workshop; Plurality Seminar; CfP Journal of International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict; International Legal Podcast (Spanish); Thessaloniki Summer Courses; CfA Russian Invasion of Ukraine; Volterra Fietta Seminar; McNair Lecture; Geneva Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow Vacancy

1. Hilary Charlesworth: “Challenges for Women in the International Justice System”. The SNF-funded project “Diversity on the International Bench: Building Legitimacy for International Courts and Tribunals”, led by Professors Neus Torbisco-Casals and Andrew Clapham (Graduate Institute, Geneva), continues to host its monthly public lecture series on “Women’s Voices in the International Judiciary”. The series aims to reflect on the lack of diversity in the international judiciary - especially gender diversity - which raises concerns not just in terms of descriptive representation and symbolic self-identification, but also regarding unconscious bias and systemic privileging of specific ideologies or positions in the process of adjudication. The eighth lecture will welcome Hilary Charlesworth, Judge of the International Court of Justice. Register here. 2. The Summer School "Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of Migrant Children in the European Union. This Summer School, organised by the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, will run online from 22 - 30 June 2022. The Summer School will offer an in-depth analysis of immigration, asylum and children's rights with particular reference…

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Announcements: Digital Evidence and International Courts Event; The Changing Nature of Wildlife Law Webinar; Sociological Perspectives on International Economic & Human Rights Law Workshop; CfP Contested Equality; ECHR Panel, Minimalism vs. Maximalism; CfP Constitutionalism Beyond the State; 20 Years of Intervention in Afghanistan Conference

1. Digital Evidence and International Courts Online Event. The BUL International Law Group is hosting on 9 May at 16.00 UK time, Alexa Koenig from the University of California, Berkeley, Yvonne McDermott Rees from the University of Swansea and Raquel Vazquez Llorente, Head of Law & Policy at Witness and member of the Tech Board of the International…

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Announcements: James Muiruri Memorial Lecture; Obligation in International Law Conference

1. Annual James Muiruri Memorial Lecture: ‘What role for general principles in the international legal order?’ The members of the Sheffield Centre for International and European Law (SCIEL) are hosting this year’s James Muiruri Memorial Lecture on Wednesday 11 May. The Lecture, held in honour of former Sheffield PhD student Dr James Muiruri who was tragically…

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Announcements: Gillian White Lecture; International Organization Syllabus; Sustainable Finance Conference; CfP ABILA’s International Law Weekend; BIICL Training Programme; Nexus between International and Constitutional Law Webinar; International Climate Change Regime Seminar; CfA Value(s) of the ECHR; CfP Multilateral Investment Court & Sub-Saharan Africa; GMU Academy on Oceans Law and Policy

1. 2022 Annual Gillian White Lecture. The Manchester International Law Centre has opened registration for the 2022 Gillian White Lecture to be given this year by Professor Dr. Diane Desierto on ‘The Human Right to Development as a New Foundation for International Economic Law’. The Lecture will take place in person and online on Thursday 5 May 2022…

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Announcements: I-HILT Lecture with Anne Orford; ILDG Lecture on Ukraine; CfS CILJ; Continental Shelf Seminar; Ukraine Peace Project; Athens PIL Discussion; UN Audiovisual Library of International Law; New Globalization Podcast; CfP IV TRAMEREN Conference; Green Ambitions Conference; Calls for Action from Ukrainian Institutions

1. I-HILT History of International Law E-Lecture Series 2021-2022 – Anne Orford: International Law and the Politics of History. The ongoing I-HILT online e-lecture series at Tilburg Law School will host Professor Anne Orford (University of Melbourne) in the latest instalment to discuss her most recent book International Law and the Politics of History. As the…

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