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Announcements: Law and Nature Dialogue Webinar Series; Is International Disaster Law Protecting Us Meeting; CfP Special Issue of Climate Law; Critical International Law Salon Series; Right to a Fair Trial in International Law Webinar; CfV Society of International Economic Law; Anne Orford Book Launch; Alternative Approaches to International Organizations Event; Reconceptualizing the “Spaces” of International Law; CfS Cyber Law Toolkit

1. Law and Nature Dialogue Webinar Series: Towards a new BBNJ Agreement. The Centre for Environmental Law, Macquarie University, Darug Nation (Sydney, Australia) is hosting the final webinar of its Session 2 Law and Nature Dialogue Webinar Series at 5pm AEDT on the 4 October. Prof. Nilüfer Oral, Director of the Centre of International Law, National University Singapore will present her talk titled "Towards a new BBNJ AgreementLaw and Nature Dialogue Webinar Series: Negotiating a new treaty for the conservation of marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction." The session will be chaired by Ethan Beringen. For more information, see the events sections of the website. To register for the event to receive the zoom link see here.  2. Yearbook of International Disaster Law: Is International Disaster Law Protecting Us?’ The Yearbook of International Disaster Law (Brill), in cooperation with the Disaster Law Interest Group of the American Society of International Law and the Jean Monnet Project ‘Disseminating Disaster Law for Europe’ is organising an expert meeting on ‘Is International Disaster…

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Announcements: CfA Yearbook of International Disaster Law; CfP Duty of States to Cooperate; International Law Weekend 2021; Jindal Society of International Law Lectures

1. Call for Abstracts: Yearbook of International Disaster Law. For its Issue no. 4, the Yearbook of International Disaster Law published by Brill welcomes submissions of abstracts (see here for the full call) for potential papers related to: a) its ‘Thematic Section’ on “Regionalization and Localization of International Disaster Law” aimed at exploring either legal/institutional approaches…

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Announcements: CfS Cambridge International Law Journal; Secondary Sanctions Conference; Navi Pillay Lecture; Human Rights Essay Award; International Criminal Justice in an Age of Misinformation; Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law Conference; Artificial Intelligence from the Perspective of Law and Ethics; Jindal Society of International Law Lecture; Racism and Law in Europe Conversation Series

1. Call for Submissions: Cambridge International Law Journal. The Editorial Board of the Cambridge International Law Journal has issued a call for submissions for Volume 11 (issues to be published in June and December 2022). In tribute to Judge James Crawford, who served as the Journal’s inaugural Honorary Editor-in-Chief from 2011 until his appointment to the…

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Announcements: CfP Tsinghua China Law Review; Sustainable Development and the Law Conference; Centre for Environmental Law Webinar; CfS International Trade and Business Law Review; Racism and Law in Europe Conversation Series

1. Call for Papers: Tsinghua China Law Review - History of China and International Law. Tsinghua China Law Review is the first all-English legal academic journal published by a university and run by students autonomously in mainland China. Since its inception in 2008, the journal has been committed to promoting academic discussions on Chinese legal issues at a…

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Announcements: CfS ICON Covid Stories; SIEL-Hart Prize; ESIL Panel Discussion Ecocide; ASIL Ecocide Discussion; Hablemos de Derecho Internacional Podcast

1. Covid Stories: A Call for Submissions to ICON - Stories of the Impact of Covid 19 on Inequalities in Academia and Beyond. When the Covid 19 pandemic first started spreading globally in spring 2020, it seemed it could be an “equalizing threat”: The virus affected people in various parts of the world, regardless of nationality, wealth, social…

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