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EJIL: The Podcast! Episode 19 – “From Russia With War: Part Deux”

In this episode Marko Milanovic, Dapo Akande and Philippa Webb are joined by Oona Hathaway (Gerard C. and Bernice Latrobe Smith Professor of International Law at Yale Law School) to discuss big legal issues arising from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, one year on. Some of the issues that they discussed a year ago in Episode 14 remain relevant, but other issues have come into sharper focus. The speakers first discuss the ICC arrest warrant issued on 17 March 2023 for President Putin and the children’s rights commissioner, Maria Lvova-Belova. They reflect on the significance of this legal step, its timing, the occupied territory question, and the immunity issues that will arise given Putin’s status as head of state of a non-party State to the ICC Statute. Oona reflects on the changing position of the United States, and different views that co-exist within the Government with respect to the ICC.

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The ICC Arrest Warrants against Vladimir Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova – An Outline of Issues

On 17 March 2023, Pre-Trial Chamber II of the International Criminal Court (“ICC” or “the Court”) issued arrest warrants for Vladimir Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova. Putin is the President of the Russian Federation. Lvova-Belova is the Commissioner for Children’s Rights in the Office of the President. The crimes alleged concern deportation and transfer of children…

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The International Criminal Court goes all-in: What now?

The bombshell announcement on 17 March 2023 of ICC arrest warrants against Russian President Putin and his Children’s Rights Ombudswoman Lvova-Belova put an end to one-year long speculations about the first cases to be brought before the ICC in relation to Ukraine. Pre-Trial Chamber II (PTC II) found reasonable grounds to believe they committed war…

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The withdrawal mystery solved: how the European Court of Human Rights decided to move forward with the cases against Russia

At the end of January 2023, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) delivered judgments on the issues that have been occupying the minds of the Court’s aficionados. On January 25, the Court ruled on the admissibility and partly on the jurisdiction in Ukraine and the Netherlands v. Russia, where the ECtHR mostly focused on the issues…

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The EU boycott of Russian scientists and the right to science in the shadow of Ukraine’s invasion

The Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine has brought back the issue of scientific freedom and the protection of scientists developing military technology. The day after the invasion, Germany froze bilateral science partnerships with the Russian Federation. A slew of European countries quickly followed suit, and some restrictions have been expanded to include Belarus. Russia’s participation in…

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