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In This Issue – Reviews

If we think of reviews, in an old-fashioned way, as conversations about books, then this Issue marks a return to some of EJIL’s favourite topics. Investment law, the law of treaties and human rights to name three. And so we feature reviews of important new works on business and human rights (Robert McCorquodale on Legal Sources on Business and Human Rights), on the evolution of treaties (Helmut Aust on Treaties in Motion), and on the ways of reforming ISDS (Fernando Dias Simões on Key Duties of Investment Arbitrators). Gail Lythgoe’s review of Alex Jeffrey’s The Edge of Law continues another longstanding EJIL conversation about the proper balance between legal and sociological perspectives on international institutions, in this case the Bosnian War Crimes Chamber. Our remaining reviews address works at another ‘edge of law’ - the twilight zone between law and history: Umut Özsu is impressed by Oil Diplomacy, Christopher Dietrich’s account of post-World War II attempts to revise the rules governing control over the 20th century’s most coveted resource. Kirsten Sellars looks at Soviet Judgment at Nuremberg, Francine Hirsch’s attempt to approach an epochal moment in 20th-century legal history from a non-Western…

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On My Way In II: Countering Gender Stereotypes in Letters of Reference and Shifting Academic Valorization While We Are at It

It is that time of year again. After months (October-December) of producing one letter of reference after another, it is the season to collect those written by colleagues. I am seeking inspiration for my next season of writing: How does this colleague manage to make me think that the next Marie Curie/Albert Einstein is applying? What lengths do…

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In this Issue; Changes in the Masthead

In this Issue The first issue of 2021 is dedicated to an EJIL Symposium on International Law and Democracy Revisited. This Symposium is the outcome of a process that began with a Call for Papers issued by EJIL in 2019, marking three decades of EJIL scholarship as well as three decades of ‘International Law and Democracy’ scholarship. The…

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A Bumper Review Section

From its very early days, EJIL has been serious about book reviewing. Around 650 books have been reviewed in the pages of the Journal since 1990. Reviewers have praised many of them, and criticized some, occasionally scathingly. In praise and criticism, EJIL reviews are intended to stimulate academic debate and direct readers to key contributions to scholarship. A…

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Letters to the Editors – A Note from EJIL and I•CON; In This Issue

Letters to the Editors – A Note from EJIL and I•CON EJIL covers principally public international law (though given the porous boundaries between the domestic and the international its ‘tentacles’ often reach deep into municipal jurisdiction). I•CON covers the broad realm of public law, with its ‘tentacles’ reaching from domestic public law to the transnational, in perhaps the…

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