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The Revived Debate over Development and Human Rights: Economic Self-Determination, Sovereignty, and Non-Discrimination in State Policies

2017 closed, and 2018 began, with triumphant pronouncements of economic recovery in the United States (e.g. the US economy growing again at its fastest pace at 3.2% GDP growth rate, lowest unemployment rate at 4.1%) and the European Union (e.g. registering its highest GDP growth rate in ten years at 2.2%) - leading the International Monetary Fund's bullish optimism about the global economy posting an estimated 3.7% GDP growth rate, the highest ever since 2011. The IMF noted in 2017 that Asia still leads global growth rates, driven by continued surges in East Asia (China, Japan, South Korea), South Asia (India), and Southeast Asia (the ten ASEAN Member States), while Africa is set to expand its GDP growth rate to 3.2% in 2018 and Latin America expected to continue recovery at a 1.9% GDP growth rate.  However, the strength of raw economic growth around the world certainly does not mean that we are any closer today to creating equitable economies.  In contrast to robust global economic growth reports, the…

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