Book Symposium: David Lefkowitz’s Philosophy and International Law: A Critical Introduction (CUP, 2020)

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The blog is pleased to announce that over the next week, we will be hosting a discussion of David Lefkowitz’s recently published book Philosophy and International Law: A Critical Introduction (CUP, 2020).

David Lefkowitz is Professor of Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law at the University of Richmond.

Andreas Follesdal and Steven R. Ratner will open the discussion with an introduction to the book and to the symposium. This will be followed by posts from Adil Ahmad Haque, Carmen Pavel, Nicole Roughan and Alejandro Chehtman. The discussion will close with a response from David Lefkowitz.

We are grateful to all of the participants for their participation in this symposium. Readers are invited to join in and comments will of course be open on all posts.

We hope you enjoy the discussion.


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