Steven R. Ratner


Steven R. Ratner is the Bruno Simma Collegiate Professor of Law at the University of Michigan Law School. His teaching and research focus on public international law and on a range of challenges facing governments and international institutions since the Cold War, including ethnic conflict, border disputes, counter-terrorism strategies, corporate and state duties regarding foreign investment, and accountability for human rights violations.

Recently Published

Corporations Suing in Defense of Human Rights? Lessons from Arkansas

Debates regarding corporate responsibility and human rights have centered on claims that corporations or their contractors are directly violating certain human rights or assisting states in doing so.  Whether in the extractive industries (Shell in Nigeria), the apparel industry (the Bangladesh apparel factory collapse), or even software (Google searches in China), many civil society groups see the multinational…

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International Law’s Impartiality – Myth and Reality

Editor's note: This post is a reaction to Frédéric Mégret's article issued last week by the European Society of International Law - ESIL Reflection: In Search of International Impartiality. Frederic Mégret offers us many questions about reconciling the project of international law with notions of impartiality. As he recognizes, impartiality is a multi-faceted concept, and our expectations for impartiality…

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A Response to the Discussants

The responses to The Thin Justice of International law from four international lawyers and two philosophers represent a welcome continuation of the dialogue I have tried to catalyze with my book. Most of the comments were directed to the theoretical framework, rather than my individual conclusions about the justice of particular norms. So I will focus on those…

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