Favourite Readings 2022 – Introduction

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As in previous years, we are marking the end of 2022 with a series of posts highlighting ‘favourite readings‘ of the year: recommendations that celebrate authors and their books, and that reflect the pleasure of engaging with them. As EJILTalk! regulars will know, this series has become a bit of a tradition; having run, discounting the occasional break, since 2014. We are delighted to continue it this year, but have gently varied the circle of contributors. So in addition to colleagues involved with EJIL’s editorial and scientific boards, we asked members of the ESIL Early-Career Network Co-ordinating Committee to tell us about books (law or otherwise) they have read during the past 12 months, and that had a significant impact on them.

The result, to be published in the course of the next couple of weeks of the festive period, is a feast of ‘favourite readings‘ by Jan Klabbers, Emma Nyhan, Dino Kritsiotis, Matina Papadaki, Diane Desierto, Silvia Steininger and Helga Molbæk-Steensig. Taken together with Joseph Weiler‘s 10 Good Reads, published here on 2 December. These ‘favourite readings‘ cover the publishing field in its diversity: they highlight works of fact, (crime) fiction, poetry, novellas, and law monographs; point you to classics (long-established and instant) and to ‘first books‘; list books best read ‘curled up on the sofa‘ alongside those that cry out to be marked up during focused study at a desk; and find elegance and erudition in many of them. We hope that you, like us, are reading these recommendations with pleasure, perhaps occasionally noting down a title to be ordered at your nearest independent book store.  

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