David Lefkowitz


David Lefkowitz is Chair of the Philosophy Department and the Founding Coordinator of the Program in Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law at the University of Richmond (U.S.). His scholarship focuses largely on conceptual and normative questions regarding international law, and the morality of obedience and disobedience to law. Lefkowitz is the author of Philosophy and International Law: A Critical Introduction (Cambridge University Press, 2020), and more than twenty journal articles and book chapters on topics at the intersection of international legal theory and philosophy.

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David Lefkowitz’s response to EJILTalk! commentators

I am extremely grateful to Andreas Follesdal and Steven Ratner for organizing this symposium, to the European Journal of International Law for hosting it on its blog, and to Alejandro Chehtman, Adil Haque, Carmen Pavel, and Nicole Roughan for their generous praise of my book, and the thoughtful challenges they press against various arguments contained therein.  I wrote…

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