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Gail Lythgoe is a Lecturer in International Law at the University of Manchester and Co-Director of the Manchester International Law Centre. She finished her PhD at the University of Glasgow and is the EJIL Book Review Assistant Review Editor. Her research interests include public international law, global governance, legal theory, legal geography, and international organizations.

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Two Weeks in Review, 8 – 21 November 2021

Book Discussion The discussion of David Lefkowitz’s book Philosophy and International Law: A Critical Introduction continued in the last couple of weeks. Here are all the posts in the book discussion for you to use to catch up on the symposium if you missed out: Andreas Follesdal and Steven R. Ratner open the discussion which spanned…

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Two Weeks in Review, 25 October – 7 November 2021

Series: International Law of Intelligence Sharing in Multinational Military Operations Marko Milanovic published a series of four essays on the international law of intelligence sharing in multinational military operations.  Essay 1: Primer Essay 2: Framing Complicity Essay 3: State Fault in Complicity Essay 4: Concluding Thoughts Milanovic…

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Book Symposium: David Lefkowitz’s Philosophy and International Law: A Critical Introduction (CUP, 2020)

The blog is pleased to announce that over the next week, we will be hosting a discussion of David Lefkowitz’s recently published book Philosophy and International Law: A Critical Introduction (CUP, 2020). David Lefkowitz is Professor of Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law at the University of Richmond.

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