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Gail Lythgoe is an Associate Editor of EJIL:Talk! and Associate Lecturer at the University of St Andrews. She finished her PhD at the University of Glasgow and is the EJIL Book Review Assistant Editor. Her research interests include public international law, global governance, legal theory, legal geography, and international organizations.

Recently Published

Two Weeks in Review, 29 March – 11 April 2021

Myanmar Marc Weller reflects on the norm of democracy in international law in light of the recent military coup in Myanmar. Weller discusses the appearance of the norm in human rights treaties and the potential responses of the UNSC and UNGA in instances where the norm is violated. …

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Two Weeks in Review, 15 – 28 March 2021

Arron N. Honniball examines some procedural law issues that arose in the Mauritius/Maldives Preliminary Objections Judgment that related to whether Judges ad hoc can participate in proceeding by different means (remote or in person), and whether Judges ad hoc can be directed to participate by a particular means. If the hybrid format is…

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Two Weeks in Review, 1 – 14 March 2021

EJIL: The Podcast! Episode 7: “Walking Back Human Rights in Europe?” ‬   In this episode of the podcast, Sarah Nouwen is in conversation with Laurence Helfer (Harry R. Chadwick, Sr. Professor of Law, Duke Law School) and Erik Voeten (Peter F. Krogh Professor of Geopolitics and…

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