Michal Saliternik


Dr. Michal Saliternik is Assistant Professor at the Netanya Academic College School of Law. She serves as Associate Editor of the European Journal of International Law. She earned her LL.B. and Ph.D. from Tel Aviv University and was a Hauser Global Research Fellow at New York University. Her research interests include international law and conflict resolution, legal and political theory, and political participation and representation. Her articles were published in the European Journal of International Law, The Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, the Hastings Law Journal, and the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law, among others.

Recently Published

Editorial: The Legality of the Israeli Annexation – Redux

Once the American Administration recanted its long standing position as regards Israeli settlements, one could expect, as day follows night, that a shift on annexation would also follow, much to the delight of the Israeli government. It played well to the internal political agenda of both governments. In the case of settlements the State Department at least…

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Favourite Readings 2019 – Closing an Uneasy Decade with Rhythm and Blues

  As in previous years, EJIL’s Review Editor, Christian J. Tams, has invited EJIL board members and (associate) editors to offer short reflections on their favourite books of the year 2019. No strict rules apply — the posts are meant to introduce books that left an impression, irrespective of their genre. Today we have selections…

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Myanmar’s Rohingya Crisis and the Need for a Regional Response to Statelessness in Southeast Asia

Over the past two months, about half a million Rohingya people have fled from Myanmar (Burma) to neighboring Bangladesh. The immediate trigger for this mass exodus was a crackdown by Myanmar’s security forces against Rohingya insurgents and civilians, which reportedly included widespread torture, rape, and killing. However, the roots of this conflict lie far in the past.

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