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EJIL:The Podcast! Episode 16 – Disputing Archives

This podcast, the third in the series ‘Reckonings with Europe: Past and Present’ by Surabhi Ranganathan and Megan Donaldson, takes up the archive as an object through which relations between past and present are negotiated. Archives can take many forms, but the episode focuses on those most familiar to international lawyers—official and state archives. Such archives function as a marker of sovereignty, and an important resource for legal claim-making, as well as for the writing of history. Understandably, then, changes to political organization—decolonization, and succession of states—pose questions about who should have control of these archives; and any effort to work with these archives in the writing of history demands critical reflection on the particular, and partial, ways they are constituted. To explore these issues, the hosts are joined by James Lowry, Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, Queens College, City University of New York (and editor of volumes on Displaced Archives and Disputed ArchivalHeritage), and Meredith Terretta,…

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EJIL:The Podcast! Episode 15 – Now or Never, Or Maybe Later: The Use of Force to Recover an Occupied Territory

This episode accompanies the launching of a new rubric in the European Journal of International Law – Legal/Illegal. The first installment of Legal/Illegal, which appears in issue 32(4), focuses on the question whether the use of force by a state to recover a territory that has been occupied for many years may be considered a lawful act of self-defence.

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EJIL:The Podcast! Episode 14 – “From Russia With War”

In this episode Philippa Webb, Marko Milanovic and I are joined by Rebecca Barber (Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect) and Mike Becker (Trinity College Dublin) to examine various aspects of Russia’s war on Ukraine. The discussion begins with an evaluation of Russia’s legal justification for invading Ukraine, moving to…

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EJIL: The Podcast! Episode 13: Loot!

This podcast, the second in the series, ‘Reckonings with Europe: Past and Present’ by Surabhi Ranganathan and Megan Donaldson, reflects on calls for return of cultural artefacts looted under European empire. Experts estimate that over 90% of African cultural heritage is outside Africa, and often in the major world museums. This figure reflects the staggering scale…

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EJIL: The Podcast! Episode 12 – “No Licence to Kill”

In this episode, Marko Milanovic, Philippa Webb and I discuss the legal issues that arise from targeted killings conducted by states outside their territory. We begin with a discussion of the recent blockbuster judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in the case concerning Alexander Litvinenko (Carter v. Russia, no. 20914/07, 21 September 2021). In that…

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