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Mexico and Ecuador at the ICJ: A Plea for Taking the Latin American Experience Seriously

On 5 April 2024, Ecuadorian special operation agents broke into the Mexican Embassy in Quito, Ecuador. Security footage released by Mexico captures the moment the agents forcefully subdued Deputy Chief of Mission Roberto Canseco Martínez as he attempted to prevent their entry. During the raid, the agents apprehended Jorge David Glas Espinel, the former Vice-President of Ecuador (2013–2018), who had been residing within the Embassy. Previously convicted twice on corruption-related charges and released early from prison, Glas was facing new charges from Ecuadorian prosecutors. After seeking asylum at the Mexican Embassy in December 2023, his request had been granted by the time of his abduction. This incident quickly captured regional attention, raising considerable concern. Despite the persistent challenges of intra-state violence, Latin America has long been proclaimed a ‘zone of peace’ by its leaders, a claim supported by a notable track record of maintaining inter-state peace. Additionally, Latin American states boast a rich history of deeply engaging with international law. Thus, this textbook violation of…

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