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The Legal Duty to Cooperate amid COVID-19: A Missed Opportunity?

  The unprecedented effects of COVID-19 have encouraged cooperation and commitment among different States to fight the pandemic and combat its socio-economic impacts. For example, on April 2, the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution calling for ‘intensified international cooperation to contain, mitigate and defeat the pandemic’, while the G20 had earlier pledged to fully cooperate to ‘deploy a robust, coherent, coordinated, and rapid financial package’ in support of at-risk communities facing the ‘health, economic, and social shocks of COVID-19’. The question that this post raises is: Do the events of COVID-19 reveal an emerging acceptance of a legal duty to cooperate among States in providing disaster relief? Addressing this question requires examining, first, whether there is already a general duty for States to cooperate in providing assistance to secure the economic and social rights of other States; in other words, what is the legal status of a general duty for States to cooperate in this respect? Responding to that negatively, this post turns, secondly, to consider the…

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Zooming Through the Bad Times

Zoom government? Zoom Security Council? Zoombombing and trolls? Here's some Ella Fitzgerald and the prescient Gershwins on zooming through the bad times, to help lighten your day:…

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I Will Survive, Coronavirus version

This man deserves a medal.

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Methods to Incorporate Human Rights Law into Disaster Prevention and Reduction Strategies

This post is part of the ESIL Interest Group on International Human Rights Law blog symposium on 'The Place of International Human Rights Law in Times of Crisis'. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and landslides are all natural phenomena that have occurred throughout the history of humankind. This blog reflects on the ensuing crisis…

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Introduction to ESIL Symposium on ‘International Human Rights Law in Times of Crisis’

The theme of the 2016 ESIL Annual Conference in Riga was ‘How International Law Works in Times of Crisis’. In line with our practice for the last two annual conferences, the ESIL Interest Group on International Human Rights Law applied the conference theme to International Human Rights Law (IHRL) by hosting an afternoon seminar on ‘The Place…

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