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It is now nearly four years since we launched EJIL:Talk! in December 2008. We are delighted that what, at the time, seemed to be an experiment and a journey into an unknown world has been tremendously successful. We kept the look of the blog the same but over the past few months we have felt that the blog needed some updating. So we decided to refresh the “look and feel” and to add some new technical features as well.

Welcome to our new look! We very much hope you like it. For quite some time, readers have asked whether there is a way in which they can get email updates of new posts. We have now added this feature and readers are invited to subscribe (on the right) for email updates. Readers can, of course, continue to subscribe through an RSS feed reader (e.g. Google Reader).  In addition, you will now find us on Twitter and Facebook, providing alternative ways in which you can get updates. Our presence on these forms of social media is something of an experiment. If they prove to be valuable to readers, we will keep them, if not, we will have a rethink.

Readers will notice that on the right (towards the bottom of the page) we now have a list of categories within which our posts fall. This should make it easier for you to search for previous posts or indeed simply to browse what we have been writing in particular areas. We have categorised all of our previous posts. We are indebted to Michelle Wilkinson (my former graduate student at Oxford) for going through every single post for us and putting them into a category. Readers may also wish to search for posts by author or by date and we have drop down menus for those lists. We have added a “From The Archives” box which will remind readers each week of previous posts we’ve published.

The new site should be more mobile-device friendly making it easier to read EJIL:Talk! on the go.  For those of you who want to read on the go but in hard copy (!) another feature we have introduced is a print button. This should make it easier for you to print posts in a nice format, if you wish. This might seem like a strange thing for a blog. No doubt most of you simply read online. However, we are aware that a number of you do print these posts. It has been interesting to me to bump into people at conferences and the like (or indeed on a bus in Israel!) who happen to be reading printed material from EJIL:Talk!

We would be pleased to get comments from you on how we can continue to improve.

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Ingrid says

November 5, 2012

The new formatting looks great. Thanks for all the interesting posts over the past (almost) four years.

Christopher says

November 5, 2012

Thank you for the print option! Reading on-screen is fine for short blog posts, but gets tedious for the longer offerings.

Maya says

November 6, 2012

Looks great.

One suggestion - the more / less authors function should redirect to individual authors, not authors per post. E.g. Dapo Akande has co-authored a number of articles and so your name appears five or six times among the blog's contributors. But I'm sure that's just a technical glitch - other than that, very impressive.

Jean-Marie Henckaerts says

November 14, 2012

The new format looks neat. For ease of reading, however, I would suggest narrowing the width of the text part. The longer the text part, the harder it becomes to read on screen. It's just a suggestion.
Congratulations on keeping the blog running and interesting.