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Welcome to the Blogosphere – SIDI Blog

Published on March 26, 2013        Author: 

Earlier this week, the Italian Society of International Law just launced its blog – SIDIBlog. The inaugural post by Annalisa Ciampi provides an Italian perspective on the Italy-India controversy on the shooting of two Indian fishermen [Tip: post is in Italian but non-Italian speakers can cut and paste into Google Translate]. Yesterday, EJIL:Talk! provided a commentary on that incident by Hari Sankar, an Indian academicSIDIBlog intends to be a space for discussion and debate of current issues of International Law (Public and Private) and European Union Law. The editors (Giacomo Biagioni, Giorgio Buono, Francesco Costamagna, Pasquale De Sena, Daniele Gallo, Irini Papanicolopulu, Cesare Pitea, Andrea Spagnolo) invite contributions, which may be written in Italian, English and French (and which should not exceed 1500 words). Posts may be sent to the following e-mail address: sidiblog2013 {at} gmail(.)com

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3 Responses

  1. We are heartened by the launching of the Italian Society of International Law’s SIDIBlog and look forward to it being a forum for impartial discourse for the promotion of international justice towards a conscientious, civilized world.

    Warmest regards,

    Ghazali PH Kho
    Humanhood International

  2. Joost

    Contributions in Italian, French and English… seems more European than the blog of the European journal.


  3. Cesare

    Thanks for suggesting the use of google translator for non-Italian speakers. However, be very careful.I just tried to translate the first paragraph of the post and “marò” (i.e. “marines”) became “fascists”…