Third ILDC Colloquium on Domestic Courts as Agents of Legal Development

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The Third ILDC Colloquium on ‘Domestic Courts as Agents of Legal Development’ is to be held in Glasgow on 19 and 20 May 2011. The Third ILDC Colloquium, part of COST Action 0602 on International Law in Domestic Courts, is organized by the Amsterdam Center for International Law of the University of Amsterdam and the School of Law of the University of Glasgow.

The Colloquium will address the function of domestic courts as agents for the development of international law, will aim to give a detailed account of domestic court influence on international law, and to help clarify the general problem of how to situate domestic courts within the international law-making process.

Registration is open, and those interested can find the Colloquium’s programme, as well as information about registration and accommodation on the Colloquium’s website.

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