The Russian Ambassador in Belgrade

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Tomorrow (Friday) will probably prove to be a day of high tension in Serbia and Kosovo, with yet another round of nationalistic rigmarole regarding control over customs in northern Kosovo. Consultations are underway in the UN Security Council, NATO forces have been deployed, and the situation can turn very ugly, very fast. I really have nothing useful to add on the matter, so I won’t. I would however like to draw our reader’s attention to today’s rather remarkable performance of the Russian ambassador in Belgrade, Aleksandr Konuzin, at an international conference, the Belgrade Security Forum. I have honestly never seen a diplomat, certainly not a diplomat of a great power, not only repeatedly insult his hosts but also openly stoke Serbian nationalism at such a precipitous moment. The videos below are certainly instructive. Regrettably, I doubt a PNG will be forthcoming.


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John Morss says

September 16, 2011

Thanks Marko, I'm sharing this with my students JRM