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Readers might be interested in the launch of Stockton, an IHL/LOAC research portal made by the US Naval War College. The announcement is below:

The US Naval War College’s International Law Department is pleased to announce the launch of Stockton, our new LOAC/IHL e-Portal (

Named after Admiral Charles H. Stockton, an early Naval War College President and author of the US Navy’s first law of armed conflict manual, Stockton is intended as an easily accessible “one-stop” research tool for practitioners and academics working on law of armed conflict issues.  It is designed to serve as a single point from which you may conduct most of your on-line research into LOAC issues.  The e-portal contains links to commonly used websites useful for such research, and contains pdfs of frequently used treaties, military manuals and case law.  We will also post important recently released documents on the home page that are especially relevant or difficult to find.  For instance, we have just posted the ICRC’s Occupation report.

Designed by Ms. Sasha Radin, a visiting Fellow in the Department from Melbourne University, “Stockton” is a very much a work in progress. We would appreciate any suggestions on how to improve the e-portal. For questions and suggestions, or to provide documents or links for inclusion, please contact Ms. Radin (Sasha.radin {at} usnwc(.)edu).

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