Roaming Charges: Piazza Duomo Milano (and the Last Page)

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Places of Worship: Piazza Duomo Milano

The experiment continues. This issue’s Last Page features a poem by Jonathan Shaw, On Reading Horace Odes 3.2 with Rusty Latin. For the most part we have had very positive reactions to both the Last Page poems, and to Roaming Charges. I would be worried if the reactions were universally favourable. Blandness we do not like at EJIL. As far as the Last Page is concerned, I make another plea – Poets of the World (of inter­national law) Unite! Send us your poems; encourage others to do so.

Roaming Charges still perplexes some: Nice photos, but how exactly does it relate to International Law? To EJIL? First, give yourself some time. As the series continues, the picture will begin to emerge. We deal in EJIL with the world we live in. Often with its worst and most violent pathologies; often with its most promising signs of hope for a better world. But, inevitably, since our vehicle is scholarship, we reify this world. Roaming Charges is designed not just to offer a moment of aesthetic relief, but to remind us of the ultimate subject of our scholarly reflections: we will be alternating between photos of places – the world we live in – and photos of people – who we are, the human condition. We eschew the direct programmatic photograph: people shot up; the ravages of pollution and all other manner of photo journalism. As we roam around the world we aim for images which charge us – please and challenge, even irritate at the same time – photos which have some ambiguity, are edgy and relate in an indirect way, both to the current circumstance but also to the permanent and enduring. We would welcome photo submissions from our readers too!

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