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We are happy to welcome a new online resource for the discussion of international law – Questions of International Law (QID). Here is how its editors describe the project:

Founded by a group of Italian scholars, QIL will be a new open-access online platform for international law scholarship, aiming to cross the boundaries between a traditional journal and a scholarly blog. The idea is to address a number of specific questions (hence the name) from at least two different, and generally opposing perspectives on a more or less monthly basis. QIL is divided into two sections. The first, “Zoom-in”, will focus on more specific legal issues, which will normally, but not necessarily, be connected with recent judicial and diplomatic practice. The second section, entitled “Zoom-out”, is designed to air wider debates and present symposia on theoretical or other major issues of international law. QIL will be primarily in English, but is open to contributions in French and Italian.

QIL intends to contribute to debate on issues of international law by opening its platform to comments and proposals from the community of international legal scholars at large.

The managing editors

Maurizio Arcari, Paolo Palchetti, Antonello Tancredi

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Prof. Mohebi says

May 16, 2014

Good idea and very timely.

In fact the publicists and scholars working on int'l law matters pay more attention to current practice and events and are normally ignorant of importance of doctrine.whereas,analysis of the events and the practice of the governments and int'l institutions, requires before any thing else, good command of the sources of int'l law and also profound understanding of basic doctrinal foundations of int'l law. The main distinctive boarder line between int'l law and int'l relations lies here.