Program of Advanced Studies on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

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The Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law is pleased to announce the opening of the application period for the Program of Advanced Studies on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law that will be offered from May 28 to July 15 of 2013. This Program offers 19 courses in English and Spanish lectured by over 39 scholars of relevance in the field of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and gathers more than 170 participants from more than 40 different countries and with different levels of professional experience.

The Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law provides through this Program the unique opportunity to learn and interact with judges of the International Criminal Court (ICC), the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Special Rapporteurs of United Nations, members of the Inter-American Commission and Court on Human Rights, recognized members of NGOs and professors from all over the world. The Program is offered in three categories which include the modality of Certificate of Attendance, ABA Credits for students currently studying in a U.S. law school and finally, the Diploma Course that is offered to a select group of 35 law professionals who fulfill the admission requirements. The application form for this program is available at

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Fabius Okumu-Alya says

January 21, 2013

It sounds very interesting and relevant to my Doctoral study (LL.D) area about the ICC intervention in the situation of the LRA in Northern Uganda.The ICC intervention spawned a litany of controversies, criticisms,and the peace-versus-justice debate. It brought international criminal justice to be at odds with local peace and justice initiatives. It would be appropriate for me to share this apparent justice dilemma in this interesting program.