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My Editorial on Catalan independence certainly put the cat among the pigeons – or perhaps more accurately, the pigeon (or dove) among the cats.  Reactions were ferocious and some unpleasantly ad hominem, even by some authors who should know better. I read with care all reactions, including those removed by our Blogmasters for violating the decorum and sobriety which are a hallmark of EJIL: Talk! Most underscored, with different levels of vehemence, the longevity and authenticity of Catalan nationalism – something that was not called into doubt – and a variety of historical grievances.  None, in my view, came even close to meeting my basic point, which was that to insist on independence as a solution to resolving the grievances and vindicating Catalan national identity, was a defeat of the very spirit and ethos which gave birth to that noble experiment which is the European Union. I repeat: Independence? Bon Voyage. But not in the EU.

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