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Dear readers,

The new blog is now live. Some of the features are still a bit glitchy, and we are working on fixing them (e.g. some aspects of the search function). We will resume regular posting tomorrow. Once everything is up and running, i.e. in the next few days, we would very much appreciate any feedback that you might have, positive or negative, e.g. with regard to any issues or problems that you might encounter. Please email us with ejiltalk {at} gmail(.)com with any thoughts.

We will also have a proper post introducing some of the new features soon. And we will have another exciting new project coming up this month – so stay tuned!

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Jakob Cornides says

March 5, 2020

I am afraid that this facelifting isn't really an improvement.

In particular, the readability of a text is impaired if the lines become too long. My suggestion: reduce the length of each line by about one third. This will make a huge difference.

Dapo Akande says

March 5, 2020

Dear Jakob

Many thanks for the feedback. Your point about readability is well taken. It is one of the things we have been looking at as we look to make tweaks to the new site.