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The latest issue of the European Journal of International Law  (Vol. 32 (2021) No. 3) is now out. EJIL subscribers have full access to the latest issue of the journal at EJIL’s Oxford University Press site. Readers can access those articles that are freely available without subscription at EJIL’s own website. The free access articles in this issue are Dissenting Opinions and Rights Protection in the European Court: A Reply to Laurence Helfer and Erik Voeten by Alec Stone Sweet, Wayne Sandholtz, and Mads Andenas, and the Rejoinder by Laurence Helfer and Erik Voeten. Apart from articles published in the last 12 months, EJIL articles are freely available on the EJIL website.

Over the coming days, we will have a series of editorial posts. These posts appear in the Editorial of the new issue, along with this post by Joseph Weiler, one of the Editors-in-Chief of EJIL, which was published on the blog in September.

Here is the Table of Contents for this new issue:

Letters to the Editors

Cancelling Schmitt, Freddie Sourgens, Tara Van Ho

Editorial: Brexit, the Irish Protocol and the ‘Versailles Effect’; In This Issue


Bernard M. Hoekman and Petros C. Mavroidis, Preventing the Bad from Getting Worse: The End of the World (Trade Organization) As We Know it?

Antonio Coco and Talita de Souza Dias, ‘Cyber Due Diligence’: A Patchwork of Protective Obligations in International Law

Felix E. Torres, Reparations: What for? Developing State Positive Duties to Address Socio-Economic Harms in (Post)Conflict Settings through the European Court of Human Rights

Johannes Hendrik Fahner, In Dubio Mitius – Advancing Clarity and Modesty in Treaty Interpretation

EJIL: Debate!

Gábor Kajtár and Gergő Barna Balázs, Beyond Tehran and Nairobi – Can Attacks against Embassies Serve as Basis for the Invocation of Self-Defence? 

Tom Ruys, Can Attacks against Embassies Serve as a Basis for the Invocation of Self-Defence?: A Reply to Gábor Kajtár and Gergő Balázs

EJIL: Debate!

Alec Stone Sweet, Wayne Sandholtz, and Mads Andenas, Dissenting Opinions and Rights Protection in the European Court: A Reply to Laurence Helfer and Erik Voeten

Laurence Helfer and Erik Voeten, Rejoinder

Roaming Charges: Places with a Soul

Agata Wiącek, Pining for Re-entry

Critical Review of Governance

Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, ‘Soft law, Informal Lawmaking and ‘New Institutions’ in the Global Counter-Terrorism Architecture

Book Review Symposium: Martti Koskenniemi, To the Uttermost Parts of the Earth:  Legal Imagination and International Power, 1300-1870

Nehal Bhuta, ‘Let us suppose that universals do not exist’: Bricoleur and Bricolage in Martti Koskenniemi’s To the Uttermost Parts of the Earth

Julia Costa Lopez, Of Sovereign Kings and Propertied Subjects – Beginnings and Alternatives

Luigi Nuzzo, The Law That Wasn’t There

Francesca Iurlaro, Disenchanting Gentili

Benjamin Straumann, Is the Law the Soul of the State?

Daniel Lee, Delegating Sovereignty

Gabriella Silvestrini, Historical Imagination: Reason, Revolution, Restoration

Gillian Weiss, A Mediterranean View on Slavery and French Empire

Sarah Mortimer, From the Margins to the Centre: The Law of Nature and of Nations in England and Britain

Thomas Poole, Time for Federalist Speculation

Priya Satia, Risking a Colonial Anticolonialism

Ere Nokkala, Contexts of Early Modern German Legal Imagination: On Transformations of German Natural Law – Governing the State-Machine

Nehal Bhuta, ‘Like a Tree in the Garden of State Sciences’: From Staatswissenschaften to External Public Law

Martti Koskenniemi, ‘Stuck in Salamanca’ – a Response

Review Essays

Carl Landauer, The Stuff of International Law. Review of Jessie Hohmann and Daniel Joyce (eds) International Law’s Objects

David M Scott and Ukri Soirila, The Politics of the Moot Court. Review of Mark Thomas and Lucy Cradduck. The Art of Mooting: Theories, Principles and Practice

Book Reviews

Mai Taha. Review of Cait Storr, International Status in the Shadow of Empire: Nauru and the Histories of International Law

Fabian Simon Eichberger. Review of Gus van Harten. The Trouble with Foreign Investor Protection

The Last Page

Juana Inés de la Cruz, Hombres necios que acusáis

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