New Issue of EJIL (Vol. 32 (2021) No. 2) Out Next Week

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The latest issue of the European Journal of International Law will be published next week. Over the coming days, we will have a series of editorial posts by Joseph Weiler and Sarah Nouwen, Editors-in-Chief of EJIL, plus others. These posts will appear in the Editorial of the new issue. 

Here is the Table of Contents for this new issue:


The Unequal Impact of the Pandemic on Scholars with Care Responsibilities: What Can Journals (and Others) Do?; Cancelling Carl Schmitt?; Vital Statistics; In This Issue; In This Issue – Reviews


Andreas Von Arnauld, How to Illegalize Past Injustice: Contemporary Discontent, Ethical Principles in International Law, and an Obligation to Negotiate

Vincent Beyer, Dispute Settlement in Preferential Trade Agreements and the WTO: A Network Analysis of Idleness and Choice of Forum 

Marco Longobardo, State Immunity and Judicial Countermeasures

Yejoon Rim, State Continuity in the Absence of Government: Underlying Rationale in International Law

Focus: Business and Human Rights

Neli Frost, Out with the ‘Old’, In with the ‘New’: Challenging Dominant Regulatory Approaches in the Field of Human Rights

Andreas Kulick, Corporate Human Rights

Roaming Charges: Gendering

Symposium: Use of Force and Human Rights

Dapo Akande and Katie A. Johnston, Human Rights and Resort to Force: Introduction to the Symposium

Eliav Lieblich, The Humanization of Jus ad Bellum: Prospects and Perils

Kevin Jon Heller, The Illegality of ‘Genuine’ Unilateral Humanitarian Intervention

Federica I. Paddeu, Humanitarian Intervention and the Law of State Responsibility

Dapo Akande and Katie A. Johnston, Implications of the Diversity of the Rules on the Use of Force for Change in the Law

Book Reviews

Wouter Werner. Review of Anton Orlinov Petrov, Expert Laws of War; Restating and Making Law in Expert Processes

Yuliya Chernykh. Review of Jean Ho, State Responsibility for Breaches of Investment Contracts

Roger O’Keefe. Review of Tom Ruys and Nicolas Angelet (eds), Luca Ferro (assistant ed.). The Cambridge Handbook of Immunities and International Law

Marco Longobardo and Marco Roscini. Review of Giulio Bartolini (ed.), A History of International Law in Italy

Vladyslav Lanovoy. Review of Vincent-Joël Proulx, Institutionalizing State Responsibility: Global Security and UN Organs

The Last Page

Andreas Gryphius, The Vanity of This World

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