New Issue of EJIL (Vol. 28 (2017) No. 2) – Out Next Week

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The latest issue of the European Journal of International Law will be published next week. Over the coming days, we will have a series of editorial posts by Joseph Weiler – Editor in Chief of EJIL. These posts will appear in the Editorial of the upcoming issue. Here is the Table of Contents for this new issue:


On My Way Out – Advice to Young Scholars V: Writing References; In this Issue


Niels Petersen, The International Court of Justice and the Judicial Politics of Identifying Customary International Law

Bernard Hoekman and Petros C. Mavroidis, MFN Clubs and Scheduling Additional Commitments in the GATT: Learning from the GATS

Janis Grzybowski, To Be or Not to Be: The Ontological Predicament of State Creation in International Law

Noëlle Quénivet, Does and Should International Law Prohibit the Prosecution of Children for War Crimes?

Yota Negishi, The Pro Homine Principle’s Role in Regulating the Relationship between Conventionality Control and Constitutionality Control

Focus: International Legal Histories – A Look Back to the Twentieth Century

Giovanni Mantilla, Conforming Instrumentalists: Why the United States and the United Kingdom Joined the 1949 Geneva Conventions

Narrelle Morris and Aden Knaap, When Institutional Design is Flawed: Problems of Cooperation at the United Nations War Crimes Commission, 1943-1948

Felix Lange, Between Systematization and Expertise for Foreign Policy: The Practice-Oriented Approach in Germany’s International Legal Scholarship (1920–1980)

Roaming Charges

 Viorica Vita, Selling Love Locks in Rome

EJIL: Debate!

Vladyslav Lanovoy, The Use of Force by Non-State Actors and the Limits of Attribution of Conduct

Ilias Plakokefalos, The Use of Force by Non-State Actors and the Limits of Attribution of Conduct: A Reply to Vladyslav Lanovoy

Vladyslav Lanovoy, The Use of Force by Non-State Actors and the Limits of Attribution of Conduct: Rejoinder

Critical Review of International Governance

Moria Paz, The Law of Walls

Review Essay

Outi Korhonen, Within and Beyond Interdisciplinarity in International Law and Human Rights. Review of Moshe Hirsch, Invitation to the Sociology of International Law and Pamela Slotte and Miia Halme-Tuomisaari (eds), Revisiting the Origins of Human Rights

 Book Reviews

Itamar Mann. Humanity at Sea: Maritime Migration and the Foundations of International Law (Dana Schmalz)

Andrea Bianchi, Daniel Peat and Matthew Windsor (eds). Interpretation in International Law (Christian Djeffal)

Mathias Albert. A Theory of World Politics (Lando Kirchmair)

The Last Page

Gregory Shaffer, Khund

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