New Issue of EJIL (Vol. 27 (2016) No. 2) – Out Next Week

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The latest issue of the European Journal of International Law will be published next week. Over the coming days, we will have a series of posts by Joseph Weiler – Editor in Chief of EJIL. These posts will appear in the Editorial of the upcoming issue. Here is the Table of Contents for this new issue:


One Swallow Does Not a Summer Make, but Might the Paris Agreement on Climate Change a Better Future Create?; EJIL on Your Tablet or Smartphone; In this Issue


Monica Hakimi and Jacob Katz Cogan, The Two Codes on the Use of Force

Karen J. Alter, James T. Gathii and Laurence R. Helfer, Backlash against International Courts in West, East and Southern Africa: Causes and Consequences

Nicole Roughan, Mind the Gaps: Authority and Legality in International Law

Elisa Morgera, The Need for an International Legal Concept of Fair and Equitable Benefit Sharing

David McGrogan, Human Rights Indicators and the Sovereignty of Technique

The European Tradition in International Law: James Lorimer

Stephen Tierney and Neil Walker, Through a Glass, Darkly: Reflections on James Lorimer’s International Law

Martti Koskenniemi, Race, Hierarchy and International Law: Lorimer’s Legal Science

Gerry Simpson, James Lorimer and the Character of Sovereigns: The Institutes as 21st Century Treatise

Karen Knop, Lorimer’s Private Citizens of the World

Stephen C. Neff, Heresy in Action: James Lorimer’s Dissident Views on War and Neutrality

Roaming Charges

Moments of Dignity: Pupils at the Jean Paul II High School, Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya

Critical Review of International Jurisprudence

Katie Sykes, The Appeal to Science and the Formation of Global Animal Law

 Review Essay

Cait Storr, Islands and the South: Framing the Relationship between International Law and Environmental Crisis. Review of Jenny Grote Stoutenburg. Disappearing Island States in International Law and Shawkat Alam, Sumudu Atapattu, Carmen G. Gonzalez and Jona Razzaque (eds). International Environmental Law and the Global South

Book Reviews

André Nollkaemper and Dov Jacobs (eds), Distribution of Responsibilities in International Law (Jan Klabbers)

Steffen Hindelang and Markus Krajewski (eds). Shifting Paradigms in International Investment Law: More Balanced, Less Isolated, Increasingly Diversified (Niccolò Ridi)

 The Last Page

Liam McHugh-Russell, Reasons

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