New Issue of EJIL (Vol. 25: No. 4) Published; New EJIL:Live! Extra!

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The latest issue of the European Journal of International Law (Vol. 25, No. 4) is out today. As usual, the table of contents of the new issue is available at EJIL’s own website, where readers can also access those articles that are freely available without subscription. The free access article in this issue is Kristina Daugirdas’s Reputation and the Responsibility of International Organizations. We will hold a discussion of the article on the blog in the coming months. This week on the blog, we will continue this issue’s EJIL:Debate! on “The EU’s Human Rights Obligations in Relation to Policies with Extraterritorial Effects” with a rejoinder by Lorand Bartels. Subscribers have full access to the latest issue of the journal at EJIL’s Oxford University Press site. Apart from articles published in the last 12 months, EJIL articles are freely available on the EJIL website.

Also, a new episode of EJIL: Live Extra! is now online. In the new episode, EJIL Editor-in-Chief Joseph Weiler and Professor Andrew Clapham of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, discuss Prof. Clapham’s new edition of Brierly’s Law of Nations. They touch on the process of writing in Brierly’s “voice”, what has changed in the 50 years since Brierly wrote his last edition, and the great achievement of this important and concise book.

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