New EJIL: Live! Interview with Professor Jan Klabbers and Dr. Guy Fiti Sinclair

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In this episode of EJIL: Live! Professor Joseph Weiler, Editor in Chief of EJIL, speaks with Jan Klabbers, Professor of International Law at the University of Helsinki, Finland, and Guy Fiti Sinclair, Senior Lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington Law School, New Zealand. Unlike other EJIL: Live! episodes that concentrate on a particular article, this interview focuses on the Symposium convened by the two speakers in EJIL’s 31:2 issue: “Theorizing International Organizations Law”. Taking as its starting point the question of why international organizations law has not seen the development of established schools of thought or theoretical approaches to the discipline, the conversation delves into the conceptual choices made by the convenors in developing the symposium. Additionally, their reasons for looking back at the foundational period of international organizations law are discussed, as is the contribution that international lawyers, differently to international relations scholars, can make to the discipline. The conversation also looks at potential research agendas for young scholars wishing to theorize IO law and offers stimulating research questions.

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