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In a previous post of a couple of years ago, I highlighted the extensive series of video lectures on international law commissioned by the Codification Division of the United Nation’s Office of Legal Affairs.  The UN Audiovisual Library of International Law covers the full spectrum of international law topics and are delivered by a very impressive list of international lawyers. They include judges at international tribunals, leading academics and practitioners of international law.  The lectures provide high quality international law training and research materials to an unlimited number of recipients around the world free of charge.

The Codification Division of the UN Office of Legal Affairs recently added new lectures and introductory notes to the UN Audiovisual Library of International Law website. The latest lectures include one by me on “The Immunity of State Officials from Foreign Criminal Jurisdiction” and another by my Oxford colleague, Professor Guy S. Goodwin-Gill, on “Expulsion in Public International Law“. Both of these topics have been under consideration by the International Law Commission in its recent programme of work and the work of the ILC on these and other issues is under consideration this week by the Sixth (Legal) Committee of the United Nations General Assembly.

The UN Audiovisual Library also includes  introductory notes to significant legal instruments. These are introductions to legal instruments that are prepared by an eminent international law scholar or practitioner with special expertise on the subject. The latest introductory notes uploaded to the site  include the following: “Statute of the International Court of Justice” by Judge Antônio Augusto Cançado Trindade and “Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations” by Judge Giorgio Gaja.

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October 30, 2014

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