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Kevin Heller Book Discussion Wrap-Up

Published on November 5, 2011        Author: 

We again wish to extend our thanks to all of the discussants of Kevin Heller’s book on both EJIL: Talk! and Opinio Juris. In addition to Kevin’s introduction, readers can find at the specified links the contributions of Michael Marrus, Alexa Stiller, and Rob Cryer with Kevin’s reply on EJIL: Talk!, and those of Dave Glazier, Detlev Vagts, Roger Clark, and Devin Pendas with Kevin’s response on Opinio Juris. We hope our readers enjoyed our first joint book discussion.

As part of our joint Opinio Juris/EJIL: Talk! symposia on Kevin and Marko’s books, Oxford University Press has offered to give readers a 20% discount on each book.  To purchase Kevin’s The Nuremberg Military Tribunals and the Origins of International Criminal law, click here.  When you add the book to your OUP basket, the 20% discount will automatically be deducted.  The discount is good until 31 January 2012. We will post a similar link for Marko’s book when we host that discussion.

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