Judge Al-Khasawneh Resigns, Again

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This time resigning as Prime Minister of Jordan, according to the Washington Post. Readers will recall our earlier reports here and here on Judge Al-Khasawneh’s (belated) resignation from the ICJ in order to take up the post of prime minister, in which he’s been only some six months. He thus unfortunately won’t be able to return from Jordan to the Peace Palace. Coincidentally, in some act of cosmic irony, the General Assembly and the Security Council are voting today in elections for Judge Al-Khasawneh’s replacement on the Court – What’s in Blue report here. Only two candidates are in the running:

The two nominees for the single position are Dalveer Bhandari (India) and Florentino P. Feliciano (Philippines). (In an 18 April note verbale, Lebanon announced that its candidate, Ghaleb Ghanem, had withdrawn from the race.) Bhandari (64), currently serves as a senior judge in the Supreme Court of India. Feliciano (84), served on the Supreme Court of the Philippines and is now a Member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (one of the potential arbitrators appointed by member states). (Both candidates’ curricula vitae are included in a note by the Secretary-General of 11 April – S/2012/213.)

UPDATE: Dalveer Bhandari was elected to the ICJ today by the GA and the UNSC – ICJ press release here.

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