Joint Symposium with Opinio Juris: Simon Chesterman’s ‘Asia’s Ambivalence About International Law & Institutions: Past, Present, and Futures’

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This week we will be jointly hosting a symposium with Opinio Juris in relation to Simon Chesterman’s article “Asia’s Ambivalence About International Law & Institutions: Past, Present, and Futures“, which is available here in draft form, the final version appearing later this month in EJIL. Chesterman is Dean of the National University of Singapore Faculty of Law. He is also Editor of the Asian Journal of International Law and Secretary-General of the Asian Society of International Law.

Today, both blogs will feature an opening post by Simon Chesterman. We will then host a post by Eyal Benvenisti, which will be followed by a post on Opinio Juris by Tony Anghie. On Tuesday, EJIL:Talk! will feature a contribution by Robert McCorquodale and Opinio Juris will feature B.S. Chimni‘s thoughts. This will be followed on Wednesday with articles by Judge Jin-Hyun Paik (EJIL:Talk!) and Judge Xue Hanqin (Opinio Juris). Finally, on Thursday, Simon Chesterman’s closing remarks will feature on both blogs.

We thank all of those who have contributed to this fascinating symposium.

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