JICJ Special Issue on Aggression

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Our friends at the Journal of International  Criminal Justice have let us know that their first issue of this year – the Journal’s tenth anniversary, sadly in the absence of Nino Cassese – is now out. The special issue is dedicated to aggression after Kampala, and was edited by Claus Kress and Philippa Webb. All of the articles are available on the Oxford Journals website.

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jpaust says

March 1, 2012

Looks xlnt.
Here is a CNN news item (Feb. 29th) that bloggers might want to follow: The "Texas Navy" has deployed the first of a fleet of six gunboats (with six machine guns on each) to patrol the Rio Grande (between Texas, USA and Mexico) and to interdict drug smugglers. While this lead to a "war" between Texas and Mexico if the boats stray across the middle of the river and use armed force in Mexican waters? An act of "aggression" or "self-defense"? Or will the Obama Administration step in to stop the Texas Navy?

jpaust says

March 1, 2012

p.s. since it will predictably happen at some point, when a Texas Navy boat fires back at shooters on Mexican territory, should that be classified as mere "law enforcement" or as permissible self-defense against a non-state actor armed attack? From my writings, the latter.