It’s a Scam: Third-party Services Promising (Smoother) Publication in EJIL

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An author recently contacted us to ask:

a) Whether EJIL collaborates with external service providers for manuscript submissions;

b) Whether there is an official process through which third parties can facilitate submissions or communications with the journal;

c) Whether we could verify the authenticity of the ‘certificate of acceptance’ that he had received (a certificate with the logos of Oxford University Press and Scopus).

The author had engaged the services of an online company that, in his words, ‘claimed to facilitate manuscript submissions’ to EJIL and that ‘asserted [to] have direct communication with one of [the EJIL] editors’. The author had paid a ‘substantial fee’ for their services and had then received a certificate of acceptance, signed by the chief editor of the company that he had paid, stating that his paper had ‘Received Official Endorsement of Acceptance from the journal of European Journal of International Law …, affiliated with Oxford University Press and indexed on Scopus … for the publication and visibility under [sic] journal’s latest issue and volume’.

In fact, while the article had indeed been submitted to EJIL through EJIL’s regular submission page, and in the author’s name at that, it had been rejected after screening. 

To prevent more people falling victim to this scam, we thought it best to answer the author’s questions publicly.

a) EJIL does not collaborate with any external service providers for manuscript submissions. The only way in which manuscripts can be submitted is through ScholarOne:

b) There is no process for third parties to facilitate submissions or communications with the journal.

c) The certificate was not issued by EJIL or OUP and contains a false statement, namely that EJIL endorsed and accepted the article.

Authors interested in publishing in EJIL are advised to consult our manuscript submission instructions at

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