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In addition to our Restatement symposium, this issue features a review essay and three regular reviews. 

In the review essay, ‘When Should International Courts Intervene?’, Jan Petrov engages with Shai Dothan’s book of the same title and applies its framework to the particular challenge of populism. 

The three regular reviews cover new scholarship on civil wars, supply chain governance, investment law and EU law in an end-of-year potpourri.  Mary Ellen O’Connell reads Chiara Redaelli‘s Intervention in Civil Wars as ‘a sophisticated account of the international law on intervention in civil war’, but emphasizes the resilience of the prohibition against military force.  Ioannis Kampourakis shares Stefano Ponte’s criticism of ‘green capitalism’, set out in Business, Power and Sustainability in a World of Global Value Chains and highlights how and why the book’s central claim matters for international law(yers). Finally, Justin Lindeboom enjoyed reading Pavlos Eleftheriadis’ ‘original and provocative’ attempt, in A Union of Peoples, to portray the EU as a ‘construct of the law of nations’ – even though the book’s vision of international law puzzles him more than a bit. Lots of food for thought, then – happy reading!

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