House-keeping: Anonymity

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Both EJIL and and EJIL: Talk! are venues for scholarly exchange where the norm is that scholars take responsibility for their submissions, use their real credentials and do not hide behind a pseudonym. In the case of EJIL: Talk! this is part of our policy of maintaining a sober, respectful and courteous tone, even in cases of critical comment. It has been our experience that anonymous comments have at times violated our ‘sobriety’ policy and have had to be removed.

On rare occasions anonymity may be justified  ̶  such as a submission from a jurisdiction which does not respect freedom of expression. An author who seeks to publish, post or comment anonymously should contact the Editor-in-Chief of EJIL or one of the Editors of EJIL: Talk! before submitting a manuscript to the Journal or a post or comment to the blog. The Editors will give due consideration to any request for anonymity.

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