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As 2015 comes to an end and we enter into 2016, I would like to wish our readers a Happy New Year! I also take the opportunity to provide you with a list of the 20 most read posts for 2015. The information used in compiling the list is from Google Analytics, which tell us which gives us information about the number of times pages on the blog are viewed. The posts listed below were not all written in 2015 but were the ones accessed most frequently in 2015. In fact, nearly half of the posts in the list below were not written in 2015. It is encouraging to see that readers come to blog not just to access current material but that pieces are regarded as having some enduring value.  We strive to cover a range of areas of international law on the blog, and the list below, contains pieces with diverse subject matter. However, it is noticeable that right at the top of this list of most read posts, there is a concentration on pieces that touch on the use of force and armed conflict. The list below is reverse order, with the top 10 posts below the fold:

20) On the Entirely Predictable Outcome of Croatia v. Serbia, Marko Milanovic

19) Kadi Showdown: Substantive Review of (UN) Sanctions by the ECJ, Antonios Tzanakopoulos (2013)

18) Permanent Imminence of Armed Attacks: Resolution 2249 (2015) and the Right to Self Defence Against Designated Terrorist Groups, Marc Weller

17) European Hypocrisy: TTIP and ISDS, Joseph Weiler

16) Double Duty at the ICC, Daphné Richemond-Barak

15) The Grand Chamber Judgment in Hassan v UK, Lawrence Hill-Cawthorne (2014)

14) The new enemy of mankind: The Jurisdiction of the ICC over members of “Islamic State”  Kai Ambos

13) European Court Decides Al-Skeini and Al-Jedda Marko Milanovic (2011)

12) Arbitration between Croatia and Slovenia: Leaks, Wiretaps, Scandal (Part 2) Arman Sarvarian & Rudy Baker

11) Espionage & Good Faith in Treaty Negotiations: East Timor v Australia Dapo Akande & Kate Mitchell (2014)

10) Arbitration between Croatia and Slovenia: Leaks, Wiretaps, Scandal Arman Sarvarian & Rudy Baker

9) SAS v France: Does Anything Remain of the Right to Manifest Religion? Stephanie Berry (2014)

8) On My Way Out – Advice to Young Scholars I: Presenting a Paper in an International (and National) Conference Joseph Weiler

7) The Airstrikes against Islamic State in Iraq and the Alleged Prohibition on Military Assistance to Governments in Civil Wars Dapo Akande & Zachary Vermeer

6) The Legality of Military Action in Syria: Humanitarian Intervention and Responsibility to Protect Dapo Akande (2013)

5) Was the Downing of the Russian Jet by Turkey Illegal? Kubo Mačák

4) The Crisis in Ukraine and the Prohibition of the Use of Force: A Legal Basis for Russia’s Intervention? Daniel Wisehart (2014)

3) So, you want to do a PhD in international law? Douglas Guilfoyle (2012)

2) European Court Decides that Israel Is Not Occupying Gaza Marko Milanovic

1) The Constructive Ambiguity of the Security Council’s ISIS Resolution Dapo Akande & Marko Milanovic

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