EJIL:Talk! is One Years Old

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Today marks the first year anniversary of EJIL:Talk! A year ago we kicked off with an EJIL Debate between Robert Howse and Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann on “Human Rights, International Economic Law and Constitutional Justice”. One year on we continue that debate about constitutional discourse in international law with an indepth discussion, starting tomorrow, (see details) of Dunoff & Trachtman (ed.) Ruling the World? Constitutionalism, International Law and Global Governance (Cambridge, 2009).

In our first week, we had a post on why the European Journal of International Law had decided to launch a blog (see here). At the time, we stated that:

we hope [that the blog] does not provoke just short off the cuff academic gossipmentary, but short, incisive, even well-researched pieces which should simply be thought of as a different genre of writing, not unlike the difference between an article and a book.

We leave it to you to decide on whether we have met that aim thus far.

We want to thank all those who have contributed to the blog in its first year with posts and with comments. Most of all we want to thank our readers. Readership continues to increase and we are delighted to have readers, contributors and comments from all around the world

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