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I am really delighted to announce some exciting additions to the team of editors at EJIL:Talk! As Joseph Weiler, EJIL’s Editor in Chief, stated in an EJIL Editorial earlier this year, we are adding a category of Contributing Editor to the blog. . Contributing Editors will post regularly on the blog adding their own distinctive and scholarly voice, in this forum, to the analysis and discussions that take place here. We are pleased to have five Contributing Editors whose tenure starts this September. Many of them have already contributed to the blog previously and will already be known to readers. A distinctive feature of the European Journal of International Law is that it has been a home for the well established scholar as well as for the emerging scholar to find a voice and to establish a reputation. Our team has that usual EJIL blend to it. Our new Contributing Editors are as follows:

Christian Tams
Anne Peters
Anne Peters

Anne Peters is the Director at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law Heidelberg (Germany) and a Professor of international law at the University of Basel (Switzerland). She is a member of the Editorial Board of EJIL and was President of the European Society of International Law from 2010 to 2012. Christian Tams is Professor of International Law at the University of Glasgow and a member of EJIL’s Scientific Advisory Board. He has contributed a number of posts to the blog in the past and is well known for his extensive scholarship across a wide range of areas of international law.

Antonios Tzanakopoulos

Antonios Tzanakopoulos is University Lecturer in Public International Law at Oxford and a Fellow of St Anne’s College, Oxford. He has been a frequent contributor to the blog, in addition to his numerous publications.

Matthew Happold
Matthew Happold
Diane Desierto

Matthew Happold, who is Professor of International Law at the University of Luxembourg, has also been a friend of the blog with a number of contributions over the years on a number of occasions. Diane Desierto is Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Hawaii Richardson School of Law. She is a Member of the EJIL Scientific Advisory Board and forthcoming Director of Studies for Public International Law at the Hague Academy of International Law.

The category of Contributing Editors will replace our former title of permanent contributors. We are grateful to Douglas Guilfoyle, Joanna Harrington and Michael Waibel for serving in that capacity. We hope that they will be permanent contributors indeed as they continue to post pieces on the blog.

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