EJIL Roll of Honour; 2022 EJIL Peer Reviewer Prize

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EJIL Roll of Honour

EJIL relies on the good will of colleagues in the international law community who generously devote their time and energy to act as peer reviewers for the large number of submissions we receive. Without their efforts our Journal would not be able to maintain the excellent standards to which we strive. A lion’s share of the burden is borne by members of our Boards, but we also turn to many colleagues in the broader community. We thank the following colleagues for their contribution to EJIL’s peer review process in 2022:

Karen Alter, Kai Ambos, Matilda Arvidsson, Danai Azaria, Arnulf Becker Lorca, Eyal Benvenisti, David Berry, Eirik Bjorge, Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, Jonathan Bonnitcha, Kristen Boon, Fernando Bordin, Leonardo Borlini, Gian Luca Burci, Michelle Burgis-Kasthala, Thomas Burri, Matthew Canfield, Sungjoon Cho, Andrew Clapham, Gerard Conway, Joseph E. David, Natalie R.Davidson, Ignacio De la Rasilla del Moral, Ríán Derrig, Talita Dias, Janina Dill, Dafna Dror-Shpoliansky, Mark A.Drumbl, Babatunde Fagbayibo, Michael Fakhri, Malgosia Fitzmaurice, Lorenzo Gasbarri, Adom Getachew, Lorenzo Gradoni, Thomas Grant, Florian Grisel, Markus Gunneflo, Lukas Hakelberg, Laurence Helfer, Ellen Hey, Jennifer A. Hillman, Alexandra Huneeus, Miles Jackson, Natalie Jones, Nidal Nabil Jurdi, Adam Kamradt-Scott, Machiko Kanetake, Michelle Staggs Kelsall, Alexandra Kemmerer, Emily Kidd White, Martin Kuijer, Andreas Kulick, Andrew Lang, Peter Lawrence, Noam Lubell, Kubo Mačák, Lauri Mälksoo, Tim McFarland, Miriam Bak McKenna, Frédéric Mégret, Irma Mosquera Valderrama, Samuel Moyn, Damien Neven, Michael Ng, Melanie O’Brien, Pietro Ortolani, Martins Paparinskis, Luca Pasquet, Joost Pauwelyn, Daniel Peat, Nicolás Perrone, Alice Pirlot, Mark Pollack, Peter Quayle, Fabián Raimondo, Morten Rasmussen, August Reinisch, Anthea Roberts, Alejandro Rodiles, Yael Ronen, Nat Rubner, Urska Sadl, Mavluda Sattorova, Juan Scarfi, William Schabas, Björn Schiffbauer, Kirsten Schmalenbach, Dana Schmalz, Thomas Schultz, Christine Schwöbel-Patel, Samuli Seppänen, Wenhua Shan, Dinah Shelton, Sandesh Sivakumaran, Anna Sodersten, Muthucumaraswamy Sornarajah, Taylor St John, Øyvind Stiansen, Ann Stoler, Sofia Stolk, Dimitri Van Den Meerssche, Andrea Varga, Ingo Venzke, Geraldo Vidigal, Guilherme Vilaça, Andreas von Arnauld, Jochen von Bernstorff, Franz von Lucke, Michael Waibel, Yilin Wang, Philippa Webb, Ken Yang, Rumiana Yotova and Fuad Zarbiyev.

2022 EJIL Peer Reviewer Prize

The EJIL Peer Review Prize 2022 is awarded to Professor Dr Jochen von Bernstorff. Professor von Bernstorff’s reviews are intellectually generous, whilst analytically sharp. He takes articles on their own terms, but critically analyses the arguments. Time and again, the ensuing reviews are thorough, precise and constructive. In cases of a ‘Revise and Resubmit’ recommendation, the author is left with no doubt as to what in the eyes of the reviewer needs doing. Professor von Bernstorff is the fourth EJIL Peer Review Prize winner since the Prize was instituted in 2019. He joins our earlier prize winners, Professor Dr Tilmann Altwicker, Dr Megan Donaldson, and Dr Leena Grover.

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Anon says

February 21, 2023

Apologies, yes, this is a rant. A double rant, actually.
Rant #1: Give them a prize? Are you kidding me? Pay them! Pay authors! Or even better, make your content publicly available so the public (i.e. the funder) will benefit from their work. Giving them a ‘prize’ is the most cynical act of all, I wonder what my plumber/lawyer/dentist would say if instead of paying her I’ll simply offer to give her a prize.
Public universities are fighting to survive out there (not EUI mind you) and academic publishers go on with this exploitative industry. And this is not on them – OUP is simply making a living and isn’t breaking the law. Who should we blame? Not young academics who try to secure their tenure of get a promotion and are locked within this reality. Fingers must be pointed at those at the top of the academic pyramid – including EJIL editors – who are willingly supporting this industry, keep this reality alive, and lock us all in this senseless game. What to do? It’s extremely easy and cheap today to publish online, for free. Surely resourceful persons such as EJIL’s editors will be able to think of something.
Rant #2: Well done EJIL, your list of reviewers is the whitest, and most Eurocentric list I’ve ever seen. The names in this list, are also, to say the least, familiar. A closed, elitist group of gate keepers.
Sorry for the harsh words (I really am) but there is so much that is wrong with academia these days, and it all comes up with this blog post.