ECtHR Al-Saadoon Judgment Forthcoming on 2 March

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A Chamber of the European Court will deliver its merits judgment in Al-Saadoon and Mufdhi v. United Kingdom (no. 61498/08), the case dealing with detention and non-refoulement in Iraq, on Tuesday 2 March (press release here). For our previous coverage, see here and here. For more in-depth analysis of the various issues in Al-Saadoon, such as norm conflict and the UK government’s decision to disregard interim measures ordered by Strasbourg, see here. See also this article by Nehal in the JICJ, and this note in the ICLQ by Sarah Williams and Matthew Cross.

This as hot a case as it gets, and we’ll see what the Chamber does with it. It certainly moved very quickly, since it pronounced on admissibility only in July last year. Whatever the outcome, it is likely that the case will also be referred to the Grand Chamber. Analysis and commentary will follow!

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Matthias Lippold says

February 28, 2010

Dear Marko,
Thank you for drawing our attention to this coming judgment of this fascinating case! With regard to the admissibility decision I would like to recommend, if I may, the article written by Cornelia Janik and Thomas Kleinlein ( which was published in the recent issue of the Goettingen Journal of International Law (GoJIL) Vol 1 No 3. 
I am exited to read the decision and your analysis as well!
Kind regards, Matthias