Discussion of Gleider Hernández’s The International Court of Justice and the Judicial Function

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This wHernandez Bookeek we will be hosting a discussion of Gleider Hernández’s book The International Court of Justice and the Judicial Function, recently published by Oxford University Press. The book has been shortlisted for the Birks Book Prize by the Society of Legal Scholars.

Gleider is (from 1st October) Senior Lecturer in Law at Durham University and a former Associate Legal Officer at the International Court of Justice, acting from 2008-2010 as Law Clerk to Vice-President Peter Tomka and Judge Bruno Simma. He completed his D.Phil at the University of Oxford in 2010 under the supervision of Professor Sir Franklin Berman. His research interests lie within the general area of public international law, and particularly relate to international legal theory (nature and sources of international law), international dispute settlement, and the law and practice of international institutions. Gleider is a member of the Academic Review Board of the Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law. His book will be subjected to careful scrutiny this week by Mary Ellen O’Connell (Notre Dame), Iain Scobbie (Manchester), and Yuval Shany (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem). We are grateful to all four for agreeing to have this discussion here.

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