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Mr. Kadi and Article 103 (A Poem)

Professor James Crawford SC FBA is Whewell Professor of International Law at the University of Cambridge While wandering through a wadi in the wastes of Saudi I came across Mr Kadi cracking rather hardy. I said ‘you must feel blue at what they’ve done to you’; he said to me ‘that’s true, but I’ve got the CJEU, lacking whose authority the P5 sorority are now a small minority, who’ve lost their old priority.’ And so went Mr Kadi wandering down his wadi: ‘it’s all because of me; I killed Article 103!’ _________________ * Editors’ note: We are delighted to publish Professor Crawford’s poem, which he first presented last week during a lecture at The Hague Academy of International Law. Previous posts about Kadi here. (Kadi pictured above, credit.)…

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What is the Meaning of “Consensus” in International Decision Making?

On 28 March, the negotiators at the Final UN Diplomatic Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty failed to adopt the Arms Trade Treaty (see BBC report here) by consensus.  A few days later the Arms Trade Treaty was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly (by a vote of 154 in favour, three against and 23 abstentions…

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Isaiah’s Echo: Progress, Prophecy, and the UN Charter

John Louth is Editor-in-Chief of Academic Law at Oxford University Press The phrase “swords into plowshares” has been adopted by countless organizations campaigning for peace and is also frequently associated with the UN’s mission and international law more broadly. The full quote comes from the book of the Prophet Isaiah: “He…

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