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Two Weeks in Review, 17 – 20 August 2020

Black Lives Matter Michael Fakhri and Ntina Tzouvala look at the links between the right to food, international law and the racialisation of people, arguing that the way international law usually deals with questions of race and racism negates the possibility that the heart of racism lies in the way our national and international political economy is structured. COVID related posts Diane Desierto looked at the shared duties to cooperate to realise human rights during the pandemic and argued that the duties of international cooperation under international human rights law are not just left up to States, but also to private sectors, groups, and individuals who are all supposed to be both subjects and addressees of the right to development. non-COVID related posts Tarcisio Gazzini examined authentic…

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Two Weeks in Review, 3 – 16 August 2020

EJIL related posts The new issue of EJIL was published on 7 August 2020. The Table of Contents was first released, followed by the editorials written by EJIL’s Editors-in-Chief, including a look at EJIL is making their review process author-friendly by removing the requirement of exclusive submission for the…

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Two Weeks in Review, 20 July – 2 August 2020

Black Lives Matter Lawrence Hill-Cawthorne examines the recent #BlackLivesMatter debate at the UN Human Rights Council and argues against burying the issue in existing Special Procedures. Hill-Cawthorne also looks at the issue of international law’s complicity in, and the responsibility of states in relation to, the root causes of racism…

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Two Weeks in Review, 6 – 19 July 2020

Kai Ambos and Matthias Lippold, on the anniversary of the Nuclear Weapons Advisory Opinion, dissect the ICJ’s conclusion that “(t)here exists an obligation to pursue in good faith and bring to a conclusion negotiations leading…

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Two Weeks in Review, 22 June – 5 July 2020

COVID related posts Rutsel Martha and Stephen Bailey note the recent moves by some states, as part of efforts to contain the transmission of COVID-19, denying the entry to their nationals. They examine whether it is lawful for a State…

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