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Two Weeks in Review, 2 – 15 August 2021

EJIL News The latest issue of the European Journal of International Law will be published next week and it includes a symposium on the Use of Force and Human Rights. Over the coming days, we will have a series of editorial posts by Joseph Weiler and Sarah Nouwen, Editors-in-Chief of EJIL, plus others. These posts will appear in the Editorial of the new issue. You can view the table of contents for the next issue online here.  The first of those editorials is now published on this blog and it has already sparked much debate on social media. In his post, Joseph Weiler addresses whether we should be 'cancelling Carl Schmitt' because of his Nazi past and ideology.  Posts Lachezar Yanev writes about a pressing issue for the work of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers: whether or not the Chambers can apply customary international law. Some accused have argued that it would be unconstitutional to directly apply customary international law…

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Two Weeks in Review, 19 July – 1 August 2021

EJIL: The Podcast Episode 10 of EJIL: The Podcast is now out. Accompanying the Symposium on that question in EJIL issue 32(1), this podcast contains a duel between anti-anti-international law & democracy scholar Akbar Rasulov and anti-international law & democracy scholar Brad Roth. Hosted by EJIL Editor in Chief Sarah Nouwen, they …

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Two Weeks in Review, 5 – 18 July 2021

EJIL The latest issue of the European Journal of International Law Vol. 32 (2021) No. 1) was published in the last week. You can read the table of contents here. The free access articles in this issue are: Jan Klabbers, Doreen Lustig, André Nollkaemper, Sarah Nouwen, Michal Saliternik and Joseph H. H. Weiler, International Law…

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Two Weeks in Review, 21 June – 4 July 2021

EJIL: The Podcast! Episode 9: Reviewing Book Reviewing EJIL Book Review Editor Christian Tams and EJIL Editors in Chief Sarah Nouwen and Joseph Weiler are joined by Cait Storr and Fuad Zarbiyev to discuss book reviewing in the latest episode of EJIL: The Podcast! The podcast accompanies EJIL issue 31:4 which contains a ‘Bumper’ Book Review section. …

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Two Weeks in Review, 7 – 20 June 2021

Rebecca Barber writes that the lack of agreement over who represents Myanmar at the UN is becoming a major issue and cannot wait until the UN General Assembly’s Credentials Committee meets later in the year. Jelena…

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