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Two Weeks in Review, 11 September – 24 September 2023

Victor Kattan and David Johnson call for the revival of the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid (the convention). At present, the convention remains in force and 109 states are parties to it. The authors describe the convention as dormant since its monitoring body was suspended in 1995, following the end of Apartheid in South Africa. Kattan and Johnson assert that the reasons for suspending the work of the monitoring body are no longer valid, in light of claims that apartheid is practiced beyond Southern Africa, in the Rakhine State in Myanmar, and in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, for example. The authors specifically point to the likeliness of this type of claim being brought in the context of the Advisory Opinion before the ICJ regarding ‘the legal consequences of Israel’s prolonged occupation, settlement, and annexation of Palestinian territory, including the “adoption of related discriminatory legislation and measures.”’ The authors conclude that: ‘Institutionalised systems of racial discrimination and domination, unfortunately, did not disappear from…

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Two Weeks in Review, 28 August – 10 September 2023

customary law of armed conflict symposium  In their post titled 'Identifying Customary LOAC in Practice,' Roni Katzir and Hadar David put forth three primary observations that pertain to crucial methodological aspects related to the identification of Customary International Law (CIL) that are often encountered when practicing the Law of Armed Conflict…

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Two Weeks in Review, 14 August – 27 August 2023

Chuka Arinze-Onyia provides an analysis of the recent decision rendered by the Appeals Chamber of the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (IRMCT) concerning the Kabuga case. Kabuga, who faced accusations of committing genocide and inciting genocide in Rwanda, was finally apprehended in 2020. Upon the commencement of his trial at the IRMCT,…

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Two Weeks in Review, 31 July – 13 August 2023

Konstantin Skoblik explores the consequences of Russia’s withdrawal from the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR). Skoblik outlines several preliminary findings on the erosion of human rights principles within the Russian criminal justice system. The author contends that, contrary to statements made by various state officials, the aforementioned withdrawal negatively impacted human rights in Russia. For instance, the…

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Two Weeks in Review, 17 July – 30 July 2023

Marko Milanovic revisits the widely recognized customary prohibition on intervention, requiring States to refrain from coercively interfering in the internal or external affairs of other States. In his forthcoming article on the notion of coercion, Milanovic introduces two complementary models of coercion. The first model, coercion-as-extortion, encompasses a threat of harm or the actual infliction of…

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