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Two Weeks in Review, 26 April – 9 May 2021

EJIL A new issue of the European Journal of International Law arrived last week. Catch up on the Table of Contents and details of the free access article in this issue (Mickey Zar’s Piracy: A Treasure Box of Otherness). Joseph Weiler reflected on the practice of peer reviewing in a widely shared and commented upon Editorial and both editors, Joseph Weiler and Sarah Nouwen, awarded the 2020 EJIL Peer Review Prize to Dr Megan Donaldson. EJIL has introduced a new section, ‘Legal/Illegal’, which will consist of short articles (3000–5000 words) commenting on the legality or illegality under international law of ongoing events and issued a message from the Editors about the painful human cost in India and expressing solidarity with members of the journal production team. The editors also introduced ‘Letters to the Editors’ for EJIL and discussed the contents of the new issue. Finally, the Review Editor, Christian Tams, introduced this issue’s bumper review section, with three review essays, one Impressions essay, and 12…

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Two Weeks in Review, 12 – 25 April 2021

Guy Goodwin-Gill explores the multi-dimensional responsibility that arises when the EU and states exercise the right to manage the movement of people across the Mediterranean. Goodwin-Gill argues that the present collective system is ‘full of holes’ and a new model is needed which recognizes that there is a common, collective…

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Two Weeks in Review, 29 March – 11 April 2021

Myanmar Marc Weller reflects on the norm of democracy in international law in light of the recent military coup in Myanmar. Weller discusses the appearance of the norm in human rights treaties and the potential responses of the UNSC and UNGA in instances where the norm is violated. …

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Two Weeks in Review, 15 – 28 March 2021

Arron N. Honniball examines some procedural law issues that arose in the Mauritius/Maldives Preliminary Objections Judgment that related to whether Judges ad hoc can participate in proceeding by different means (remote or in person), and whether Judges ad hoc can be directed to participate by a particular means. If the hybrid format is…

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Two Weeks in Review, 1 – 14 March 2021

EJIL: The Podcast! Episode 7: “Walking Back Human Rights in Europe?” ‬   In this episode of the podcast, Sarah Nouwen is in conversation with Laurence Helfer (Harry R. Chadwick, Sr. Professor of Law, Duke Law School) and Erik Voeten (Peter F. Krogh Professor of Geopolitics and…

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